10 richest rulers in the world


The German business newspaper Handelsblatt made a rating of the richest rulers of the world

Probably, this rating is the best shows what is happening in the world. It turns out that the richer the ruler, so troubled in the country. For more than a month, we have seen the unrest in the Middle countries of the East , and they continue. The rulers of Egypt (Mubarak state, according to some estimates, estimated 70 billion -.. Ed.) And Tunisia (Ben Ali) were forced to give up their posts. In the “top ten billionth” for some reason did not include the condition of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi , is assessed by Western intelligence agencies in 32 billion dollars, and the wealth of the king of Thailand , estimated at about 30 billion. Dollars, which also come with or have already been riots. In Saudi Arabia , whose King at the top of the rankings, the rulers are trying to appease the people of housing subsidies and other benefits. Most likely, this is the correct measure in a similar situation.

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