Forbes named the 10 most influential executives in the world

The capitalization of the companies they lead is $ 3 trillion

One of the founders of Google, the head of its parent company Alphabet Larri Peydzh topped the rating of the 10 most influential executives in the world, published on Wednesday, December 14, on the website of the US magazine Forbes.

The list is made on the basis of the rating of the most influential people in the world, which included 74 people. Of these, 28 are headed by the world’s largest companies. The top 10 were CEOs – All American – with a combined market capitalization of $ 3 trillion.

Capitalization Alphabet, subsidiaries of which are at the forefront of high-tech industries, including the creation of artificial intelligence and in health, to $ 500 billion And her head -. 43-year-old Paige (in the general ranking of the most influential people, he took the 8th place of peace ) invested personal funds in a number of ambitious projects, including the creation of flying vehicles.

The top three most influential CEOs also includes 32-year-old head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and CEO of Amazon’s 52-year-old Jeff Bezoc.

Fourth position was taken by the head of Berkshire Hathaway 86-year-old Warren Buffett. 5th – Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of JPMorgan Chase 60-year-old Dzheyms Daymon.

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